Infinity Wax Vitality 250ML



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What We Say:

❝Vitality is a true marvel of what can be accomplished with a little creativity. A fully accomplished ceramic resin coating in its own right but with a twist, this product has zero solids content and is highly flexible. This allows Vitality to remain on surfaces where a solid coating may be prone to failure or when in contact with aggressive conditions (like sitting behind a gritter) in essence this is the ideal topcoat for any ceramic coating to give a durability boost or to protect in the harsher months.❞

Application Instructions

Apply to a coated or uncoated vehicle to boost protection or as a stand-alone sealant with 8-12 months protection.

Atomize a small amount of product over 1 panel at a time before spreading with an application Flexi sponge or similar. Crosshatching the coating will see the best results before allowing to cure for 5-15 mins in a cool shaded area. Remove using our short pile towel or similar before a final wipedown with a plush buffing towel.