Infinity Wax Synergy Ceramic Coating 30ML



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1. Preparation, we recommend abrasive decontamination by way if machine polishing. This will not only remove previous waxes or sealants from the paintwork but also remove or reduce paintwork defects. In an ideal world, you should always seek to remove as many paint defects prior to coating.

2. Remove polish residue, we recommend an alcohol-based panel wipe like isopropanol.

3. Using your applicator choice, start by turning the bottle upside down and applying a few drops to the application pad surface in a straight line. Around 15-20 drops will be perfect the first time the applicator is used. Apply coating to the vehicle surface in a crosshatch fashion, another option on larger panels is to make a plus formation with coating on the surface. This creates 4 smaller work areas, then work each area left to right then up and down to create an even layer. Apply to only 1 panel at a time and remove the residue within a maximum of 5 minutes.

4. Remove coating using our blue short pile cloth or similar. Remove in straight lines taking care not to miss any areas. Missed areas, if not rectified will harden and could need machine polishing to remove at a later date. After use, this towel should not be used again on another vehicle for coating removal!

5. Finishing the coating application is done by using our yellow final wipe down towel or similar, always ensure your towels are new or clean prior to use. Wipe over all panels which have been coated, this will remove and residual light residue from the coating and provide a crisp finish.