Accuair E-LEVEL classic Controller 4-Corner + Touchpad Black Anodize


Accuair E-LEVEL classic Controller 4-Corner + Touchpad Black Anodize


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The e-level controller offers the possibility to store and control 3 freely programmable heights with a simple button press.

For this purpose, the system uses the information of the TruPosition elevation sensors installed on each wheel or axle. The core feature of the technology is the RideMonitor mode, which constantly monitors the current altitude while driving or when the vehicle is stationary, and corrects it appropriately when loading or unloading, as well as changing vehicle characteristics.
All these control procedures are automatic and give the driver the ideal conditions for the best possible driving characteristics and maximum comfort in all circumstances.

Since the e-Level system uses elevation sensors instead of pressure transmitters, the loading of the vehicle is irrelevant for the altitude and the driving characteristics. The height sensors used already register changes in height of approx. 3mm and control the valves via the control unit. This is made possible by the system learning the characteristics of the built-in airsuspension (adjustment speed) and correspondingly controlling the valves. This makes it possible to block the e-level controller in any vehicle with full air suspension.

In addition to controlling the vehicle height, the e-level system also monitors the compressor. Using an electronic pressure sensor, which replaces the usual manual pressure switch, the system is always informed of the current pressure in the tank and can control the compressor very efficiently.

Likewise, the battery voltage is monitored and the compressor is switched off at a voltage drop below 10.5 V to prevent battery damage.

The ultimate tool in terms of form and function when it comes to airride operation is the TouchPad. Available in chrome-look or black-coated, it impresses with its intuitive operation. It is suitable for the control of each individual wheel position as well as an axial control. The storing and calling up of the different vehicle heights requires only a simple push-button pressure and is illuminated by a yellow illuminating ring around each adjusting knob. The 'All down' button lets the vehicle drop to the lowest point.
Each button on the TouchPad controller provides a secure feel and has a white LED backlight for easy day and night light operation.

A 6-meter mini USB cable is responsible for communicating with the controller and can be connected to the controller from the bottom or back.

  • Axially control of all air bellows
  • 3 user-programmable vehicle heights
  • Pressure sensor for controlling the compressor via the control unit; Adjustable pressure: 10.3 / 12.1 / 13.8 bar
  • Automatic compressor disconnection at voltage drops below 10.5 V protects against battery damage
  • 'All down' function for maximum vehicle displacement with a button push
  • 100% water resistant for mounting also below the vehicle
  • Plug-n-Play connections for easy installation
  • Each system is 100% tested before delivery
Technical specifications:
  • Control of all 4-wheel full air suspension
  • Power supply: 10.5 – 16 volts
  • Power requirement: 15 A
  • Output signal: 8 × 12V solenoid valve (each max 3 A), 1 x compressor activation signal (max 3 A)
  • Tank pressure: 0 – 13.8 bar (programmable)
  • Plug-in connections: Protection class IP67, USB Mini B (for controller)
  • Position accuracy: 3 mm
  • Response time: 5 s with stationary, 45 s with moving vehicle


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